How to become AutoCAD certified

Steps to become an Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional
1. Go to www.autodesk.com/certification. There you will find a study guide on what the exam will cover.
2. I highly recommend purchasing the study guide. It can be found on amazon.com by clicking here

3. Purchase the exam from http://autodesk.starttest.com/ You must pass both the Associate and Professional Exam to be considered a Certified Professional. The Associates exam is a little bit tougher. It is a multiple choice based test, whereas the Professional exam is a hands on exam.
There it will also give you a list of available places to take the exam. Find the closest one and schedule an appointment with them onc you are ready. You can also find a list of other Autodesk professionals on the http://autodesk.starttest.com/
4. Pass the exam. Once you pass you will receive a certificate saying you are a professional or associate, you will be given the professional and or associate logos (as posted at the top) and your name will be in the database of certified Autodesk professionals and associates.


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