Concrete Spalling

Concrete spalling is caused by the exposure of the concrete to high temperatures. Spalling itself is actually the deterioration of the concrete causing chunks of the concrete to separate from the concrete structure. Some of the most common concrete spalling causes are fire and high pressure. In normal concrete structures, spalling is very rare. However, in high performance concrete structures like tunnels, concrete spalling causes and spalling are much more common. A car fire in a tunnel or just the sheer force of the pressure of the water or earth above the tunnel can be concrete spalling causes.

The prevention of concrete spalling causes comes in the beginning of the concrete application process. The best way to prevent spalling is simply to use good concrete and to have it applied correctly. Then follow up with a good, reliable finishing technique. By taking the initiative and getting good products from the start, you can easily prevent concrete spalling causes. If you have concrete that is still looking good, you can always protect it; and if you have concrete that already has signs of concrete spalling, you can solve those problems.

Concrete Spalling Causes and Solutions

Water repelling sealants for your concrete are the best way to protect a well-laid concrete fixture. Make sure that the sealants you buy have either silanes or siloxanes in them, or have a combination of the two. These chemicals will not form a waxy film like other sealants, and therefore will better protect your concrete. But since concrete spalling causes are not water-related, you are not protecting against the causes themselves, only against the likelihood of spalling in the event of fire or intense structural stress.


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